Zurnex was created by a small business owner for small business owners. The founder felt overwhelmed about every aspect he had to overlook in his construction company, and he couldn’t focus on what he actually loved: construction. Every solution he found was either too complicated, too expensive or both. And none had a key feature he needed: GPS tracking.


So, he decided he’d make his own business management software and share it with the world. And that’s how Zurnex came to life: an all-in-one platform for small businesses where owners can keep track of sales, revenue, expenses, and employees.


GPS & Time Tracking

Workplace productivity can be evaluated effortlessly with two key features: time and GPS tracking. Thes first one helps see hours work and evaluate cost per hour. GPS tracking is a unique feature of Zurnex, that is mainly targeted for remote workers.

Boost Productivity

Zurnex also acts as a task management software. You can boost productivity and annihilate confusions by adding tasks for each employee, based on listed projects. This way, you can see both the generated income by the employee, as well as the project development timeline.

Track Your Financials

Tracking company success becomes a harder task with each day, as you add on products, clients, and employees. Zurnex will help you be up-to-date on your financial status, by comparing income to expenses, estimates to payments, salaries to income generated and much more.

Easy To Use

The last thing business owners need is to spend hours to understand a software that is supposed to help them. Forget all the clutter of complicated business management applications – Zurnex is simple to navigate and easy to grasp. You’ll get the hang of it in minutes.

Client Centered

This cloud-based invoicing software is great for small businesses because it doesn’t only store invoices, it also offers client management features like status, last offer received, payments due, payments already made and many more. It offers easy access to every information you would need for your sales objectives.

Organized Work

We understand your time is valuable – that’s why Zurnex is also a small business organization software. We made sure you can organize your work however you’d like: by date created, project size, time period and more. And if you’re really strapped for time, you can always use the search bar.

Customizable Graphs

Business management is a difficult task, and it’s done in so many ways with so many different methods – that’s why Zurnex has fully customizable graphs. The variety of variables, from expenses to worked hours, and different timeframes will help you better assess your business success.

Branded Documents

Everyone knows how important personalization is in this crowded marketplace. That’s why Zurnex is not only an invoice management software, it’s also a document generator tool. From estimates and invoices to expenses and staff reports, everything can be customized for your business.


Life is too short to update spreadsheets each time you make a change. Check out how Zurnex can help you.